With consistency and respect for the developments, we adopt special measures and protect the employees, collaborators, consumers and all our fellow human beings, based on the instructions of the government.


✔️ We are temporarily suspending the operation of the 2nd Shift of the factory in order to reduce the potential working staff

✔️ We give priority – paid holidays – to our employees, who belong to vulnerable groups

✔️ We provide special-purpose leave to employees who as parents have to stay home with their children

✔️ We implement home office for a large percentage of our employees and we operate with security personnel

✔️ The company staff has attended hygiene and behavior seminars by a specialist doctor

✔️ We disinfect factory premises and all our vehicles before entering our facilities

✔️ All workers are thermometed by entering the factory and are provided with protective materials (masks, gloves, special clothing)

✔️ We have installed disinfectant gels and instructions for personal hygiene & protection in all areas of the factory

✔️ It is forbidden for external partners to enter the company. A special protocol for thermometers, the use of protective materials and the cleaning of hands with disinfectant gel is followed by our suppliers

✔️ Business trips and extroverted activities of the company and its executives are postponed until further notice

✔️ We are always in tune and we are constantly informed about the development of the situation, adapting in the best possible way our operating conditions


*We continue to work tirelessly, to support the food chain in the best possible way, based on the health and safety of our employees and society itself. 


*We urge you to faithfully follow the instructions of the government and stay at home protecting you and your fellow human beings.


We are staying at home… and cooking at home with Condito!

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