In our specially-designed production unit, the company employs more than 100 people – although this number changes from time to time depending on the seasonal production needs.

From the year 2009 until today, CONDITO has invested 7.000.000 euro in the development and expansion of both its mechanical equipment and the premises, itself.

In 2017 the company took part in an investment program, and the owners decided to buy a new 16.000 m2 plot, and a 5.000 m2 industrial building. This project will be completed in 2018, the investment in a new warehouse and a logistics center can triple the company’s ability to store and transport products with the use of modern, automated means of production in all stages.

CONDITO is constantly investing in production equipment and procedures so that we can respond to the demand of increasing sales.

Because of having invested in its production lines and packaging, the company currently is able to produce 18.000 tons of products a year which is expected to be further boosted in the next few years.

CONDITO now utilizes our own specialized transport to serve its partners’ orders in North Greece, whilst we also cooperate with well-known distribution affiliates to guarantee the safe transportation of its products to the rest of the country.

CONDITO’s Means of Transportation:

  • 10 trucks
  • 6 mini trucks
  • 6 cars