Social Responsibility

At Condito, corporate responsibility lies at the heart of our business activity. Since our establishment in 1979, we know that our success is inextricably linked to teamwork, both inside and outside Condito. We guarantee the existence of ethical criteria of operation, human respect and environmental protection during all of our corporate initiatives, always focusing on the company’s synergy with society, employees and consumers.


“We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to the society in which we operate”

Our contribution to society is realized through the company’s continuous involvement in initiatives aiming to help and support vulnerable social groups, promoting cooperation, volunteering and offering. We are committed to maintaining a healthy collaboration between citizens through charitable and humanitarian actions.

Our company actively participates in the development of the new generation. We empower young people to claim essential employment opportunities and achieve a positive change in their lives through internships and direct collaboration with universities and technical schools.

Considering the current state of the Greek economy, at Condito we offer the opportunity to unemployed fellow citizens to work at the company’s seasonal programs, while at the same time we donate and sponsor to charities, social grocery stores and foundations.


Our constant effort to protect the environment and minimize the impact of our activities is our key objective. We follow stringent packaging and recycling standards, from primary to tertiary, while we are turning towards alternative energy and fuel, always guided by the essential environmental impact of our operations.

From searching for raw materials and manufacturing the finished product, to distribution to our customers, we take full responsibility for minimizing our environmental impact. We share with you timeless and quality products that have earned a special place in the market!


In our everyday life, we strive to promote healthy cooperation between management and employees, building on the system of moral values on which we have built our corporate culture and identity.

At Condito, a company with a distinct family character, we support our employees as members of the company and we contribute to their shopping cart as consumers with discounts on the products produced.