All company facilities apply Quality Management Systems, certified by widely recognized Certification Organizations in accordance with IFS Food: ISO 22000 standards’ requirements.

True to its goal, Condito produces products for every consumer group and provides a full range of gluten-free products, vegan products and more.

Additionally, all types of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and pasteurized dressing and sauces have been Halal certified by the Swiss Organization HCS.

Due to its rigorous specifications, Condito can meet even the most specific nutritional and legislative requirements, such as Kosher & Gluten-Free certifications.

With the Certificates and the extremely high-performance scores from the approved bodies, Condito can and does successfully develop its activity in foreign markets.

Condito makes sure that all processes are controlled by our Quality Management System. This way, the company can always adhere to its strict criteria and specifications providing quality, safe products and keeping its customers satisfied.