Condito emerged in 2001 from the merger of the companies of Christos Moraitis and Pavlos Papadopoulos. The separate path in the food business industry began in the late 1970s, while the culmination of the trade cooperation began with the merging of their forces in 1999. Condito’s brand name, which originally belonged to the Papadopoulos family and in free translation from Latin means “enrichment of flavors,” was preserved and given to the new business venture.

Ten years later, Condito acquired the majority stake in Dried Fruits of Macedonia (with an annual production of 1,000 tons of nuts), taking a step into a new field of activity. During this period, the second generation of the two families has been actively cooperated, who already had active participation before the merger of the companies, and together took over the reins, opening a new chapter in the history of the company. Konstantinos Moraitis, Maria Moraiti and Christos Papadopoulos, raised with business in their blood, invest in new technologies and research, giving impetus to the creation of new, innovative products.


In 2011, Condito created Gristiren. This company is active in the production of herbal cheese substitutes, following the trend in the global market. Gristiren is almost entirely (97%) an export company with an annual production of 5,500 tons.

Condito is today one of the largest companies in the field of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces and traditional Greek spread salads (18.000 tons per year), and is based in the industrial area of ​​Thessaloniki serving both the Ho.Re.Ca. and the retail (with branded and private label products) in Greece and abroad.



Establishment of the company P. Papadopoulos & Co. under the trade name MA.BA.TE. (Macedonian Handicraft of Pastry & Cheese).


Establishment of the company S. Vlachopoulos & Co. under the trade name of B.E.K.A. (Craft of Delicatessen and Cold Cuts).

  •  - 1979

    Installation of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise production line in Β.Ε.Κ.Α and ΜΑ.Β.Α.Τ.Ε. First year of production.

  •  - 1992

    Acquisition of S. Vlachopoulos & Co. with the distinctive name Β.Ε.Κ.Α. by K. Nikolaidis & Co. with the participation of Mr. Christos Moraitis.

  •  - 1995

    Acquisition of company shares of B.E.K.A by Moraitis family, controlling 98%.

  •  - 1997

    Trasnfer of the property of B.E.K.A to Mr. Christos Moraitis.

  •  - 1997

    Agreement of the entepreneurs Pavlos Papadopoulos and Christos Moraitis for cooperation and expansion of their activity in the food sector.

  •  - 1998

    Purchase of land and erection of the first production unit of 2,100 m2.

  •  - 2001

    Establishment of Condito S.A. by the two businesses men P. Papadopoulos and C. Moraitis.

    The brand name “Condito” derives from the Latin verb “Condire”
    (condio, condire, condivi, conditus), which means, to season, to add flavor, to marinate.
    The verb is still used today in Italian, while it is also the origin of the English word Condiment.
    Condito, an alternative way to say… flavor!

  •  - 2005

    Condito’s first participation in a food fair in Athens.

    18th International Food and Drink Exhibition 2005 at ExpoAthens in Anthousa.

  •  - 2007

    Expansion of the facilities with the construction of a new building of 3,500 m2.

  •  - 2008

    Acquiring ISO 22000: 2005 Certification by TUV NORD & TUV HELLAS Certification Bodies.


  •  - 2010

    Acquisition of 67% of Dried Fruit of Macedonia S.A. by Condito S.A.


  •  - 2011

    Purchase of a plot of land and construction of an industrial building of 2,500 m2 and offices 550 m2 in the Sindos Industrial Area. The newly established company Gristiren Itd, was set up in this industrial building with the participation of the owners of Condito and its main activity the production and distribution of cheese substitutes and vegan products.

  •  - 2013

    Acquisition of IFS Food (International Food Standard) from the TUV NORD Certification Body.

  •  - 2014

    Condito’s first participation at International Food Exhibition at PLMA INTERNATIONAL 2014 at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center (Private Label Exhibition).

  •  - 2017

    Re-expansion of the plant by purchasing a plot of 16 acres and an industrial building of 5,000 m2 – Condito investment program 2018-2020.


  •  - 2017

    New investment & increase in the share capital of Dry Fruits Makedonia S.A.

  •  - 2018

    Acquiring Halal Cerfification from Halal Certifications Services.

  •  - 2019

    Completion of investment and start of operation of the new transit center of 5,500 sq.m. adjacent to the existing facilities in the Industrial Area of Sindos and a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS)

  •  - 2020

    The company launches its new sub-brand “Condito THE GREEN LINE”, with its main activity the production and distribution of products, free from animal-derived products and gluten.