Since the very beginning of its production activity in 1979, the Greek company Condito SA set the goal to continuously improve and optimize its industrial practices. Being faithful and dedicated to the fundamental principles of sustainable development, Condito chooses to integrate in its production, eggs that are produced in cage-free systems.

In collaboration with the Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation and its Cage-Free Greece campaign, Condito SA is moving forward with adopting a cage-free eggs policy, sourcing eggs and egg products exclusively from cage-free breeding systems. The implementation of the new policy begins with the production line of mayonnaise products and mayonnaise derivatives, such as the popular Mustard Mayonnaise, a category which uses the highest percentage of eggs. Condito’s aim and ethical commitment is to gradually source and use cage-free raw materials for the rest of its product categories and be entirely cage-free across its production lines by 2025.

The ethical choice and effective support of best practices for the welfare of hens is one more act of social responsibility from Condito SA, which aims to offer consumers the certainty that their favourite products reaching the shelves bear its signature, are high quality, safe and always produced with respect and care for humans, animals and the environment.