Reaching the peak of sales!

The complete Mayo Vegan Sauces range, registering a rapid increase in sales and deservedly standing out at the Super Market Awards 2023 with the Silver award in the category “Increase in Sales / Product Share (Food)”.

Condito The Green Line tops again at the Vegan Awards 2023

For the 3rd year in a row, the Condito company has been distinguished at the Vegan Awards with the delicious range of Mayo Vegan Sauces by Condito The Green Line and the two innovative and delicious Vegan Salads, White Spicy Spread and Spicy Spread with Red Sweet Peppers by Condito The Green Line.


Condito’s participation in the Superior Taste Awards 2022, was crowned with absolute success, as all the products with which we participated, were distinguished with the Superior Taste Award, receiving excellent comments from the distinguished chefs of the institution.

Everything that is made with love, stands out!

Another award was added to Condito’s collection, with the Mayo Vegan Sauce of Condito The Green Line receiving the bronze award in the Section: “Plant Based Food Products” at the Healthy Diet Awards 2022.

Double award for Condito at the Vegan Awards 2022!

Condito’s 2nd participation in the institution of Vegan Awards was met with great success. For the second consecutive year, Condito received a distinction for the innovative, much-loved and award-winning Mayo Vegan Sauce by Condito THE GREEN LINE, receiving the gold award in the category of “Vegan Spreads, Dips & Sauces”. The pioneering line of Vegan salad spreads Condito THE GREEN LINE, also won the silver award in the “Vegan Gluten Free Product” section.