New TV Spot Condito The Green Line

(Ελληνικά) Η νέα τηλεοπτική και digital καμπάνια της CONDITO THE GREEN LINE στηρίζεται σε μια βασική αξία της μάρκας: Η γεύση δεν κάνει διακρίσεις!

New exquisite Condito The Green Line flavor

The love for the exquisite taste and distinct aroma of truffles led us to create the first Mayo Vegan Sauce with truffle CONDITO THE GREEN LINE.

Reaching the peak of sales!

The complete Mayo Vegan Sauces range, registering a rapid increase in sales and deservedly standing out at the Super Market Awards 2023 with the Silver award in the category “Increase in Sales / Product Share (Food)”.