Green salad with fresh raw mushrooms

The freshest vegetarian meal of your day! Green salad with the distinguishing flavor of Condito Mustard with honey! Enjoy!

Beef steaks in the pan with sauce

In a large shallow dish mix the peppers and the coriander.
Roll the steaks in the mixture to cover evenly both sides.

Lamb in the oven with mustard – garlic sauce and rosemary

Αρνάκι στον φούρνο - Συνταγή - Condito

For the sauce:
Put all the sauce ingredients in the blender until a thick paste is prepared.
For the lamb:
Preheat the oven to 210 ° C.
Wash and dry the lamb carefully. Rub it well with plenty of salt and pepper. Then spread the sauce while rubbing it with your hands.

Prominent Presence in Food Expo 2019

Condito, as usual, took part in 6th Food Expo 2019 on March 16-18 at the Metropolitan Expo Athens. Many executives of not only domestic but also foreign companies, professionals of food industry and many consumers, visited the Condito’s booth and had a chance at meeting the wide range of company’s products.