Being faithful and dedicated to the fundamental principles of sustainability and animal welfare, Condito has committed to use exclusively cage-free eggs in all its products by 2025.

Despite pledging its commitment less than a year ago, Condito has already made progress towards its goal. As of December 2022, 1,27% of the company’s global egg usage is sourced from cage-free hens, included in its retail mayonnaise production. At this point it would be useful to highlight that cage free policy has already been implemented in 36% of Condito’s retail mayonnaise recipes, starting up from private label contracts and further applying it to branded SKUs. More specifically, in the first half of 2023, Condito will proceed with the exclusive usage of cage-free eggs in the production of 8 branded SKUs in the retail sector and accordingly 5 for the Food Service sector, including the most popular branded product, the famous Condito Mustard & Mayo Sauce.

The ethical choice for the welfare of hens is one more act of social responsibility from Condito SA, which aims to offer safe, high-quality products while respecting humans, animals, and the environment.

Condito SA will continue aiming to fulfill its vision for a sustainable future and update its figures by the end of 2023.