Condito participated in the 3rd Health, Nutrition and Sports Festival on 28/09 at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center, a day specially dedicated to children, while supporting the great social contribution of “LAMPSI”, an Association of parents of children with neoplastic diseases. Plenty of people attended the event and visited Condito’s booth, where children and adults tasted the new products of Condito: egg free mayonnaise & ketchup with stevia.

In collaboration with the organization of the Festival we participated in exciting activities, while the two cooks of Condito offered moments of joy and “delightment”. We cooked with miss Psyhoyli, took photos with Andre Vieirinha and most of all we had a great time with children and their parents who visited Condito’s booth.

P.S. We would like to congratulate the organization for this exceptional event and for their great social work.