After its participation in Thessaloniki Vegan Life Festival, Condito joined Athens Vegan Life Festival 2019, which took place the weekend of 5th-6th of October, in Technopolis City of Athens.

Many vegan and vegetarian consumers, as well as people looking for alternative flavors, visited Condito’s stand to try the company’s products. Condito egg free mayonnaise once again stole the impressions, while THE GREEN LINE plant-based cheeses suitable for vegans received particularly flattering comments.

Condito’s stand visited, also, SKAI channel, which broadcasted live images and snapshots from the company’s presence in the Vegan Festival on the “ΑΚΡΑΙΑ ΦΑΙΝΟΜΕΝΑ” (“Akraia Fainomena”) show.

Supporting the vegan community, Condito’s goal is to immediately enrich its “green” portfolio with other vegan products.