New, fresh, fat and gluten free Vinaigrettes. The fresh offer of Condito!

Five classic and delicious flavors with citrus, herbs and Mediterranean aromas. New dressings that come to complete each of our dishes. 

The sweet orange, the sour raspberries, the antioxidant pomegranate, the favorite balsamic and the classic Italian blend are the basis for the creation of fat-free vinaigrette dressings, by the always ingenious team of Condito!

With rich taste but without guilt and restrictions, they harmoniously accompany the most imaginative salads and much more. After all, fresh or warm salads, with various green leaves or a variety of grilled vegetables, with legumes, chicken, pasta, cheese or meat but also with nuts or dried fruits, are daily meals and the best dinner and snack in the office.

Condito’s new vinaigrettes are suitable for vegans and do not contain any sweeteners! Available in 315-340g packages.