Chateaubriand beef filet with mustard & mayo sauce

Tender beef filet with a particularly spicy sauce. A quick and easy sauce, with chili peppers and Condito Mustard & Mayo sauce, a perfect combination for an exceptional chateaubriand fillet! Ideal diner for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

Delicious plump and juicy meat balls (traditional soutzoukakia)

Plump and juicy filled with beer meatballs, dipped in the delicious Condito’s Napoliten sauce! The beer flatters the mince mixture, providing a tasty and plump mixture, while baking it instead of classic frying, makes the meatballs even lighter. The tomato sauce is also light and simple highlighting the distinguishing flavor of the traditional “soutzoukakia” meatballs. Ideal for a delicious family diner!

Beef steaks in the pan with sauce

There is no person who does not love steaks. Also, there is no one who will try this recipe and will not love it. Tender beef steaks with the Wholegrain Mustard of Condito. A combination that will leave you speechless!

Chicken wings – legs with BBQ sauce

Quick and delicious spicy chicken “legs” with BBQ sauce! Serve it, with a cold beer or -why not- with a glass of fine white wine.