Street Food with Condito at Grand Masoutis Stores

Condito’s new Street Food Project was presented this November in Thessaloniki. A moving canteen in the colors of the company and its products, of course in street food style, with slogan “Street Food with Condito” began its tasting route on Saturday 16/11 from Grand Masoutis in Kalamaria. After the canteen visited Grand Masoutis in Stavroupoli on 23/11 and made its final stop at Grand Masoutis in Thermi on the last Saturday of November (30/11).

Chicken wings – legs with BBQ sauce

Quick and delicious spicy chicken “legs” with BBQ sauce! Serve it, with a cold beer or -why not- with a glass of fine white wine.

Pizza “crown”

Delicious pizza “crown” with a wonderful, unique smoked BBQ sauce and a fluffy dough. A recipe that young and old will love.

Chicken dumplings with bbq sauce

Chicken legs with barbecue sauce in the oven… and you will lick your fingers. This recipe is one of the best ways to make and really enjoy, chicken legs. Condito’s spicy, sweet BBQ sauce is delicious and as a marinade for chicken legs, the best choice.

Condito at Made@Home cooking show by Dina Nikolaou!

Condito gladly announces the launch of partnership with made@home cooking show.

Main host of the show, aired on Alpha channel every Saturday, is beloved Dina Nikolaou. The award-winning chef will share with us recipes from Greek as well as ethnic cuisine, enriched with her own inspiration and experience.