The Greek company Condito, one of the largest industries in the production, standardization and distribution of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings & salad spreads in Greece, was distinguished for the 5th in a row year in the International Taste and Quality Competition, Superior Taste Awards 2023.

This year’s Condito awards had the taste and aroma of Italy, as the company received a golden star for its two new delectable pesto sauces, Pesto alla Genovese Condito and Vegan Pesto Basilico Condito The Green Line.

The authentic Italian recipe Pesto alla Genovese, with fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, hard grated cheeses, pine nuts and cashews and the Vegan Pesto Basilico without dairy, with fresh basil and nuts, stood out for their quality and taste, receiving the best comments from the distinguished chefs of the institution.

We thank the committee for the distinction and their excellent comments, and we promise to live up to expectations all the time!