What is the ultimate ingredient for any burger? The delicious Condito’s Cheddar Sauce is coming to disrupt the market.

The Greek company Condito, one of the largest companies active in the production of mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces and salad spreads, with the Food Service catering as its primary concern for 44 years, offers a complete range of innovative products of top-quality and taste, that meet the needs of every professional.

This Cheddar sauce stands out because it is made with real cheddar cheese, to which it owes its delightfully rich cheesy taste! It is a sauce ready to be served on burgers, pancakes, and sandwiches without the need for further processing. Fluid as it should be, with an ideal creamy texture and an intense orange-yellow color, it is the most delicious Cheddar sauce you’ve ever tried! It can be heated or served as a dip at room or cold temperature since it is the perfect choice for fries, nachos and chicken nuggets.

Available in professional Street Food tube packaging of 960g and in a 3kg bucket.