Delicious plump and juicy meat balls (traditional soutzoukakia)

Plump and juicy filled with beer meatballs, dipped in the delicious Condito’s Napoliten sauce! The beer flatters the mince mixture, providing a tasty and plump mixture, while baking it instead of classic frying, makes the meatballs even lighter. The tomato sauce is also light and simple highlighting the distinguishing flavor of the traditional “soutzoukakia” meatballs. Ideal for a delicious family diner!

Sweet and sour pork with pineapple

Asian flavors on your plate. Fresh vegetables in combination with the sweet and sour Condito sauce, an enrichment of flavors that will transport you back to Asia.

Chicken in tomato sauce with risotto

Risotto. A very popular dish, in various variations. Ours? Risotto with braised chicken. The marriage of the classic Italian risotto with the traditional Greek recipe of the blush. A recipe that you will love.