Chicken wings – legs with BBQ sauce

Quick and delicious spicy chicken “legs” with BBQ sauce! Serve it, with a cold beer or -why not- with a glass of fine white wine.

Mexican tacos with chicken and avocado

Viva la mexico! The well-known Mexican recipe, which you can easily make at home. With Condito’s cooked Mexicana sauce, you will be able to amaze everyone with your cooking skills.

Chicken legs with mustard & corn flakes

Crispy chicken legs, like those from KFC. What takes it off? The mustard sauce! To enjoy your beer, with the most delicious, crunchy snack

Chicken dumplings with bbq sauce

Chicken legs with barbecue sauce in the oven… and you will lick your fingers. This recipe is one of the best ways to make and really enjoy, chicken legs. Condito’s spicy, sweet BBQ sauce is delicious and as a marinade for chicken legs, the best choice.