A new Award for the beloved…. Mayo Vegan Sauce!

“We are proud that once again the product that CONDITO first launched in Greece in 2018, has been awarded and it continues to offer with love and care to the consumers, the ultimate enjoyment!”

Superior Taste Awarded 2019 with 2 Golden Stars Condito Mustard & Mayo Sauce!

Condito S.A. was honored once again at the Superior Taste Awards 2019, organized for the 16th year by The International Taste Institute. After the huge success of the egg-free mayonnaise in 2018, Condito Mustard & Mayo sauce has also impressed the institute’s chefs and received 2 Golden Stars.

Superior Taste Award for Condito’s Egg-free Mayonnaise

Condito’s Innovative Egg Free Mayonnaise was awarded with the Superior Taste Award from the International Tasting and Quality Institute (iTQi), by taking 1 golden star under the Superior Taste Awards 2018.