Plump and juicy turkey burger

The softest burger patties you have ever tried, with a sweet aftertaste of the Condito’s ketchup with stevia. A light and healthy turkey burger, for a balanced and filling meal.

Lamb shoulder with mustard cream

Α food that melts in the mouth. The slow-cooked lamb in combination with a mustard marinade with thyme and tomato aroma and a delicious cheese filling. A dish that will fascinate you.

Homemade burger

How much do we like to eat delicious burgers, when we go out with friends? But why we are not enjoying a juicy, delicious burger at home? Homemade burgers with soft burger patties and sour cream, for a delicious burger in our house.

Mexican tacos with chicken and avocado

Viva la mexico! The well-known Mexican recipe, which you can easily make at home. With Condito’s cooked Mexicana sauce, you will be able to amaze everyone with your cooking skills.